Pet peeve # 487

I work for a tech support company who supports many client. We have multiple departments that do different things. I had to call a person in one of these other groups to let them know there was an issue at a facility we support. It was a friendly “heads up” incase they got a call about it. The problem was this person kept me on the phone for thirty minutes telling me about everything under the sun! I don’t mind friendly chatter when you call someone, or even a quick rabbit trail conversation. Don’t tell me your life story! I don’t want to know that you wish your dog was more active! I don’t want to know your child is on the honor roll, I just want to get back to what I have to get done! Especially if I don’t really know you! Why is it some people feel the need to tell me these things? Maybe I should change careers and become a therapist, because it seem people want to tell me their issues. At least if I am getting paid to listen it work annoy me as much!

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