Are you a planner or a last minuter? I am a last minuter, I like to wing it a lot and that doesn’t always go well. I step in head first then I adjust as I go. This makes the planners in my life crazy! It means that I have an idea not a plan. If I sat down and figured out a plan, I would probably not ever get anything done. Plans make me crazy because they don’t allow for the inevitable monkey wrench that will come in whatever I do. I know what you planners are saying. You are just unable to plan, so you don’t! How about this one, you are just ADHD! I have even gotten the you’re just lazy. None of the above is true, because two programs I started are still running six years and thirteen years later. I isn’t that I don’t want to plan it is that I feel less creative when I do. I don’t want to stick to the plan all the time because there may be a better way to do something than how I planned it. Most of this, is just excuses for something I just don’t like to do. Maybe when I’m older I will sit down and plan my retirement, but I doubt it.

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