Please, Sir, I want some more!

1982132_848014598548123_4668599648662757360_nOn rare occasions when I am really sick I will take some NyQuil before bedtime. That stuff will do one of two things to me, I either sleep like a rock the entire night waking up the next morning feeling as if I had been under anesthesia or about three in the morning I pop up as wired as a drug dealer. I have not figured out how to predict which one will happen but both are not the perfect situation for the next day. If I am going to take it I know I am calling in sick the next day because there is no way I can function. I am not sure what they put in that stuff but I am pretty sure it is tame next to what this label shows from an early 1900’s cough syrup. This stuff had to make your head ring for days! Isn’t this the same concoction that killed Michel Jackson? Past generations would smoke and drink take medicines today are considered poison, yet somehow they still made it and are tougher and stronger than the wimps we are today. I am at least grateful that this syrup was skillfully combined in stead of just thrown together, that might have killed somebody.

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