Pomp and Circumstance

I heard a story this morning on the news that the security for today’s inauguration was several million dollars. I am all for celebrating a new president getting elected and I am not saying we shouldn’t whether my guy wins or not. I am saying we are in a mess now and have been for some time. Wouldn’t it show everybody how serious we are about fixing it if we just did something low-key for once? I know the money spent today is a drop in the bucket but we have to start somewhere! Every elected official, congressmen or women should be willing to take a pay-cut or not even get paid if we can’t fix the countries problems. I understand someone has suggested that but other have said it is un-constitutional. I like how they bring up the Constitution on this but forget it when it comes to passing laws for everyone else. those we have elected have to start worrying about getting us back on the right track and less about their own pockets!

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