Price Check on Isle Outrage!

shopingcartLast night on the news they had a story that they said had some “up in arms”. It turned out that a local toy story had two identical Barbie’s, one Black one White. The problem they said was that the White Barbie was two dollars more! Shocking! They bring on the professor of women’s studies from the local liberal arts college to tell us how this was making her daughter feel less about herself! I could not help myself, I jumped out of my seat and started yelling at the TV! Our world is crumbling around us and it is things like this that make news? In this case it actually turned out to be a computer error which didn’t have anything to do with race or business decisions on the part of the store. The part that really got to me was not these things but the reaction of the mother/professor. What I don’t understand is how the price of a doll can affect her self-worth? What is it you are telling your daughter and other woman, that Barbie defines who you are? Is there nothing inside you which tells you, you are more precious than that? I have taught my children that the world does not define them. I have tried to teach them that what others do should not define their worth, they are more precious than Gold! If who you are is defined by the price of a Barbie you should be outraged that they even sell them because in your world that says that woman can be bought or sold. Our world has lost touch with what is real and what is really worth fighting about. Teaching our children false outrage over nothing will only destroy what they think they are protecting!

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