Products of the Electronic age.

Technology has certainly given us many things that are great. Anybody remember pay phones? What about a printed organizer or calendar? I see some of these making a comeback but it is more of a nostalgic twist. I made an appointment on my calendar to take out the trash each week and I haven’t missed a day since. While these are great technology has also given us weird new ways to prove normal is just a word.  Here is a list of the ones I just don’t get.

  1. Electronic pets. Having to feed and play with a little electronic filled ball or it would shut down doesn’t make sense. How many times did I tell my children that the animals need to get fed or they will die. This doesn’t really work for the electronic pet because I could care less. No life lesson learned if the thing no longer works. I have drawers full of electronics that don’t work anymore.
  2. Texting, more specific, teen texting. This is basically reducing the English language to binary code. A series of letters needing deciphering by both parties. In world war two they used American Indians to send messages back and forth so the enemy couldn’t break the code. The next time it will be teenagers sending text. No one will understand or break the code.
  3. Electronics in clothes. I don’t need socks or underwear that send me a text when they need changing. The strangest has to be the bra with Bluetooth. I have no idea why that would be helpful unless you lose one. Then you could use your phone to track it down.

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