Punishment to fit the crime!

Crime SceneI have not put much thought into what is a proper punishment for some crimes. I am sure some spend a lot of time figuring these things out. I am not so sure all punishments fit the crime, but there are some people who I think are in need of some old fashion punishment for the dumb things they do. These are a few of my favorite criminals and what I think we should do to punish them.

1. Some guy in the south found out the bank made a mistake and put thirty thousand dollars of someone else’s money into his account. So he goes and buys a car and other things until he blows all the money. They showed his mom on the news and she says the kid shouldn’t be in trouble it is all the banks fault. For this winner and his mom we should bring back putting people in stocks in the middle of town with a large sign over them that reads “stupid in pubic”. Optionally I would leave a paddle next to them so random people can swat at them as they walk past. This would not only deter them but others who are “SIP”!

2. The woman who was getting fifty thousand a year for being disabled. She claimed she could not leave her house but a quick look at her social media sites showed pictures of her in multiple countries around the world. Since she claimed agoraphobia I think a little up close and personal with a mob as they tar and feathers her would give her a new perspective on fear of the public.

3. One on my recent favorites was the girl who sued her parents to pay for her college. While she is back with her parents, I find that to cruel and unusual punishment for the parents. This girl should be made to live with a family in sub-Saharan Africa for a year. Maybe after she has scratched and clawed for mere existence for a while she will come home with a little more thankfulness for what she already has!

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