Just another reason why America is in trouble!

Pine wood logsSo I think I was younger than ten years old when I found out. I was helping my dad with a project, when I measured a 2×4 and I realized it wasn’t actually 2×4. I was bewildered why it was not actually 2×4 but guess what, I never forgot that. I have built various things over the years and have always known this. It didn’t cause me harm, it didn’t injure me and I certainly didn’t think that I needed to sue the company I bought them from for false advertising or damages. Yet this is what we have come to, Lowes has settled a lawsuit, which requires them to label everything with actual measurements and common names. My question is, who got hurt? Who gets the damages? Was there a house that was built that collapsed on the occupants because of the difference in measurements? This is why our country is going to hell in a hand basket! We have real problems but our courts and government are more concerned with stupid stuff like this! Sorry to rant but this kind of stuff drives me crazy! The judge in this case should have hit the lawyer in the head with his gavel and then thrown this case and him out of the court!

Link to story: http://threepercenternation.com/2014/09/litigation-nation-lowes-pays-1-6m-settlement-over-2×4-labeling/

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