My wife asked our daughter what she remembers about 9/11. She was four years old and she says she doesn’t remember anything about it. She does know what it is and what happened but she was too young for us to involve her in all the TV news we watched over those weeks and even months after it happened. Even I being in Colorado far from what was happening, it seemed a little surreal. I am sure that those who live in those areas and lived it are not so casual about the day, even twelve years later. The “experts” say we should not show the video of the planes because it causes strong emotional responses, and I ask why that is a bad thing? I watch Saving Private Ryan a re-enactment of some events of world war two and I get a sense of what those who served did to rid the world of evil. It reminds me of the cost of our freedom and it makes me think about my duty as a citizen to protect what I hold most dear! So I applaud the channels that show it every year on the anniversary and I hope in the future those who were not even born yet will get the sense of what is at stake!

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