Remove yourself from Clown town!

101-1013tm-charI know I have mentioned that I don’t like clowns. Not just because of the makeup or the lack of hygiene, they just creep me out. Now comes a story that clowns are roaming the streets of one California town late at night and nobody knows why. I personally don’t care why but if I lived in this town I would already have the u-Haul packed and have given the real estate agent where to send the check. It of course would be a P.O. Box in a random town where I would not be living to not leave the clowns a forwarding address. I don’t need to find out why clowns are roaming the streets, I just need to get as far away from where they are. If there are people in your town which are dressing up as clowns and wandering around late at night, even if they are your elected clowns, I say it is time to choose another place to live.

Here is the story:

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