I got your repairman right here!

repairmanToday, a Sears service technician was supposed to show up at my house between the hours of 8am and noon. Do you think he did? Do you think he called me to tell me he was held up? Do you think I got a call to say he was running late? This is why the service industry has a bad name. I have spent enough time fixing computers to know stuff happens. You get to a call where the person has told you one thing and it turns out to be an entirely different issue. I have put in hours on what I had estimated would take me a few minutes, I get it. The problem is when they don’t communicate to people who are waiting on them. I hate the four-hour window to begin with. I don’t have four hours to wait. I am a contractor so every minute I can’t work I don’t get paid. Then to wait those four hours only to find out that I could have worked those hours because he wasn’t going to show up is frustrating( I would use stronger words, but this is a family show) Luckily I wasn’t sitting home or I would really be steaming right now. There is enough technology to be able to handle this without the tech even calling, automatic text when the time is running out or robo calls from the system saying the tech will contact me with a new time, instead I have to contact Sears to have them tell me the obvious about my technician not making it. I am really thinking someone needs to help them rediscover customer service, I haven’t bought something from them in years and I am starting to remember why!

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  1. Well it is 5:15pm and the tech has never called or shown up or called despite my calling Sears 3 times. Way to go!

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