No more Resolutions!

Remember Y2K? How about last year, when the world was supposed to end thanks to Mayans who didn’t think it necessary to add more days to the calendar? Something about the end of a year and the start of another one makes people a little nervous. Really it is some arbitrary day, no sun or planetary thing happens today, as far as I know, you would think it would make more sense for the end of the year fall on a lunar or solar event. Instead we stick a fork in the year and call it done, and tomorrow after the hangover subsides we begin the process of killing our yearly dreams in less than two weeks. I have decided that I will no longer set my goals for the next year on or around the end of the year. I am tired of forcing myself to resolve to things I have no intention of keeping. It is like when I went to the confessional as a kid, I had no plan to listen to my parents or be nice to my sister, yet that is what I told the priest so I could get out of there. I would rather get a set of dice one for the months and the other for the day, roll them and set that date as the day I plan the next twelve months. That is unless I want to Forest Gump my future, which seems close to what happens no matter what I plan.

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