Right size portions, my eye!

I looked at the calories in a bag of Nacho Cheese Dorrito’s. It said 140 calories for 1oz. 1oz.? So basically I can lick the cheese flavor from my fingers but eating any chips will put me over a serving! This has gotten ridiculous! I saw a coke commercial last night that was touting how they are a responsible company only putting juice and water in schools and are moving to mini size cans in most stores. They will still sell the two liter bottles but because they are going to sell their sugar-water in mini cans we can all feel that Coke is doing their part to save the world! What happen to my personal responsibility in all this? I guess the government feels I am too stupid to be able to stop eating and drinking until I explode like the guy in that old Monte Python movie. The problem is we have gotten to the point where we can’t call it like it is anymore. If I eat too much, I get fat! If I am fat my insurance company should be able to charge me more for healthcare because I will spend more on doctors. If I spend more at the doctors he should be able to charge me for all those visits or at least buy a big boat to go fishing in on my bills! That is after he pays for the enormous student loans he racked up going to medical school. Instead we take from this to subsidize that, till everything is as useless as a pair of left shoes. All this in the name of being “fair”. I am waiting for someone to come up with a chip bag that automatically locks for 24 hours when you’ve eaten the “portion-control police” serving size. Actually don’t steel that one. I am going to sell it to Frito Lay. I think we need to have a day when we protest this over active, control freak government of ours. We could stand on the steps of our local government building and eat a whole bag of Dorrito’s and wash it down with a 2 liter bottle of our favorite soda! That would show them!

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