Running and other forms of torture!

In the last two years I have gotten back into running. Mostly because I am turning fifty in a year and a half and I can’t afford a corvette. I set a goal of running a marathon before fifty. The more I think about that the crazier it sounds. I am, on purpose mind you, going to torture myself for a distance of 26 miles for no reason? By no reason I mean, no one is chasing me, no one is paying me, and I am certainly not going to win anything. I am the only thing keeping this goal alive. I could go sit on the couch and nobody would care but me. The fact is if someone else was trying to push me to do this I would tell them to take a hike. There is nothing greater than setting a goal and actually accomplishing it. What I can’t understand is why I couldn’t set a goal of winning a hotdog eating contest? Instead I found the most painful and useless goal and made it mine!

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