Save Your Outrage!

Time for Outrage Message Showing Rage And AngerI read an article today that said some parents were outraged by what they saw at a Miley Cyrus concert. Where have these people been? Are you really that disconnected with the world that you have no idea that the former child star is now the raunchy queen? I don’t watch award shows or celebrity news but come on! You had to have seen this girl has gone off the reservation. So it plays out like this, your daughter, I hope it was your daughter, asks you to go to the concert. In your mind it is the cute girl from that Hanna Montana show? You plop down the outrageous price for concert tickets of course you get good seats and proceed to watch what amounts to a near-porn sideshow. Let me guess, you didn’t leave until the end? Let me also guess that if we ask your daughter she will say she loved it? The best part is that the article I read had a response from Miley, which amounted to “I told you so”. So let’s stop the outrage or the calls for your money back. Do a little checking next time before you pay for something. Her lack of your money will say more than your outrage does now!

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