I have had the distinct pleasure of going to our local landfill a few times in the past month. Yes, please use sarcastic tones when you read the above sentence. There is always the smells you get nowhere else and the, wish I wasn’t here attitude of the people working to push your trash into the perfect spot. Of course besides these commonalities that are at your dump site as well, are the over abundance of seagulls. I just checked on Google and the closest beach from Colorado Springs is 1,014 miles away. How do these birds find their way to our town dump to live at? Do they distribute maps to each other? Maybe they only come here for vacation. I have friends who are trying to visit every baseball field in the US. Are there birds who have our dump on their bucket list? The bigger question is whether we should change the name of these birds. Once they leave the ocean, which taking the number of these birds at our dump and extrapolating that number out to the number of sites across the US. Would mean there are more of them inland than at the beach. Perhaps dump-gulls or fill-gulls would better fit what they are. Or at least not make me miss my childhood stomping grounds.

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