The secret to men and chores!

washerIIToday I am going to make a few men mad. Some will call for the return of my man card! The reason is I am going to give away some our secrets. To the women out there they may not be so secret but they are key to a man’s success in marriage. First off we are not stupid, we are lazy. There is a huge difference in this because we play stupid but it is how we get you to do the things we don’t want to do. Putting all your delicates in the washing machine with jeans and then putting it on hot and super wash may seem stupid but you have never asked us to wash anything again. If we ruin a load or two of laundry we know you will just do it yourself after that and we win. We also know putting a bowl full of hardened oatmeal in the dishwasher then stacking it among the clean dishes still full of caked on food will get us out of that chore as well. You don’t have to teach us how to do these things, we know how, but our master skill is not laundry it is getting out of laundry. If you really want us to help with these chores you are going to have to outlast our tom foolery. It is not of question of whether you can teach us to do something it is a matter of will. Like a game of chicken the winner is the one who doesn’t flinch, and frankly we men are good at chicken!

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