Selfie Regrets!

With this being the year of NSA spying and outrage over our privacy, I find it funny how more and more people are putting their own stupidity on-line for all to see. I had a co-worker years ago who put a piece of tape over the camera on his laptop because he was afraid of someone spying on him, but now every new laptop, smart phone and gaming system has a camera on it. This has brought every stupid act to a YouTube channel near you. I just saw a story about the new PS4 being used to broadcast a naked drunk woman. While this was not of her doing, there are plenty of people sending or posting video and pictures of themselves for family, friends and potential employers to see. Because of the nature of the internet once those are out there they can never be taken back. This is one of the times I am glad to be older, there was no internet for my friends and I to post our antics to, so they stay only a memory. While all these cameras have made for good moments and news being captured in ways we could have never imagined. This generation is going to have a lot of awkward conversations with future children and grandchildren about their past.

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