Why do they still sell these?

icons_46_ai10-1113vv-vIn these days of everything tech I sometimes wonder how some products are still in the market place. There are classics that make a comeback like Atari games, and others that never go out of style but some things had a season in our lives and lost their usefulness or even their reason for existence yet I can go down to Walmart or Target and pick one up today.

1. A watch: I see they are trying to make a comeback as more of a Dick Tracy communicator but every device I carry has the time displayed on it and it doesn’t fall off or rip the hair off my wrist. I get that it can be a fashion statement, but not until you reach some over priced brand. They have a watch, that only tells time, by tells time I mean it shows it on the display not that it speaks, for less than a candy bar. Is anybody buying these?

2. Clock radio: I mean the clock radio that doesn’t charge anything or wirelessly connect to everything else. My new charging station sets the time by my phone every time I place my phone on it to charge and the phone sets the time by the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. Why would I spend the energy to figure out the crazy button scheme that will allow me to set the time and have to go around the numbers again when I pass the correct time?

3. Hand held gaming devices: My phone has a HD screen, a faster processor than my first computer and more memory than Bill Gates said I would ever need. By the time I get all that in a gaming device I have to pay more for less functionality and it isn’t subsidized by the phone carrier so I get to pay full price. I watched a movie, played Madden NFL, and checked email while waiting for a plane. If I am going to buy a separate device the only thing more I could want is a bigger screen, for that I have a tablet, with the same games and functionality.

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