The Seventies Called!

70smenThere are certain times when my youth comes up and slaps me in the face. Some of it is dumb things I did as a kid, like taking a nap after getting my head split open with a rock (I found out you aren’t supposed to take a nap after a concussion) or when my brother and sister pushed me into the coffee table and I started having a seizure. Those things make me shake my head and wonder how I am still alive. Other things make me wonder how the world has survived. Today I heard Captain and Tennille are getting divorced. How did we survive the seventies? This was the time of horrible music like these guys mixed in with bands like Led Zeppelin. The spectrum of music on the radio was never wider and a lot of it should have never made it past the first round of Star Search! (Star Search was the American Idol of its day, only much worse!) The clothes, the music all of it was in need of a giant bonfire to rid the earth of it but instead it was shown on our TV every night. Other than my poster of Farrah Fawcett I cannot think of many redeeming things from the whole decade! I know I am generalizing about a whole decade, I am sure good things came out of it, I just wish I could remember those things over the musk-rat lovers!

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