When did shaving get so complicated?

Electric shave machine on whiteWhen I was in my twenties I decided to buy an electric razor and for the last twenty-five years I have used one to shave. It really was convenient I could quickly shave and move on. In the last few years I am not sure what has changed, either my whiskers have become tree trunk thick or electric razors have become useless! What used to take a few minutes has become a ritual of going over and over the same patch with no change. It reminds me of the weeds in my yard, I have sprayed them with ground clear and yet they still mock me. I have thought it was maybe my razor, so I bought a new one. That one did the same so I bought a different one. So it should be noted that I did not buy the two hundred-dollar super shaver, but I also didn’t buy the kiddy razor either. I tried rotary, I tried screen the only thing I didn’t try was sandpaper. I guess I am going to have to go back to the classic disposable razor, at least classic to me, but now the decision is how many blades? This was probably a lot easier when the only option was a straight razor. Why has everything had to get more complicated?

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