I am all for using renewable materials that make sense. For example, bamboo flooring and siding makes sense. It grows really fast and has a variety of uses and because they can just cut the top off and the bottom keeps growing. I don’t know that it has infinite uses but I think it is a good idea, I’m not so sure other products work a well. A new company has figured out to use mushroom roots to create a natural insulation for the walls of your house. I believe it grows in your walls to fill the space and insulate. I am a little creeped out by that! For years we have been told things growing in your walls was bad, now I am to plant some mushrooms and wait for my walls to fill? If your walls aren’t tight are you going to have mushrooms growing out of the air-conditioning ducts? It’s like the tomato plant I had that grew so many tomatoes we could eat them fast enough. I got tired of eating salad. At least with bamboo the growing stops after you cut it, my walls ever-expanding with shroomcilation, just doesn’t sound right.

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