Shutdown schmutdown!

I am so tired of hearing about the federal government and how they all can’t get along! I say shut them down for an extended period of time. The problem is congress and the president still get paid no matter what happens. All of these guys are posturing to make it look like it is someone else’s fault. Has anything of real value come out of D.C. for decades? Not really every law they pass calls for more money from some imaginary pot which has not had anything in it since the fifties. So what does it mean? Each of us will pay for it in the end. I believe we should as citizens go to D.C. kick every one of them out of all the government building and once they are emptied, lock the door behind us. Enough of listening to the same stuff that is piling up in my horse corral! Really, what would happen if no new laws were passed this year? Things would actually be better! I call for a one year referendum on all new laws, and after that year the only laws that can be passed are ones that remove ones already in existence. The only new law I would allow is one that requires a balanced budget every year, but that would take all of us to make happen.

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