Side effects may include….

I’m not exactly sure but, at some time in the past they stopped allowing commercials for cigarettes and switched to letting prescription drug ads on TV. While cigarettes are not a good thing the commercials had to include a warning that cancer and death were a distinct possibility. I’m not sure that the drug commercials are a real improvement. At least with cigarettes I could say to my kids, don’t ever smoke! Now I have to explain things I don’t want to. When they were younger they would ask. Dad, why are those people in those bath tubs? Thank goodness they are in separate bathtubs or I would have some real explaining to do? Now we just sit through the commercial awkwardly looking around the room trying not to make eye contact. The worst is listening to the list of side effects. Uncontrollable bowl movements, loss of hearing and vision, depression, thoughts of suicide , yellowing of the eyes and teeth, and the four-hour unmentionable. Do they really want me to buy this drug? I don’t go to the doctor and ask for uncontrollable bowl movements, I go to get a cure for what is ailing me. If the doctor gives me a prescription for a drug it wasn’t because I saw it on TV. I know that they have to tell us the side affects on the commercial, it is the law. I would think that they are going to sell these drugs based on Doctors recommendations not on TV and me knowing the side affects causes me to ask if there is an alternative cure!

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