Signs of vacation!

Pool depth sign at the edge of the swimming poolWhen you go on vacation you hopefully get to go to a place full of new and wonderful sights and sounds. The beach for example, is full of sand and birds maybe even sea life that make it wonderful and adventurous. Some places you stay on those vacations are magical or exotic, some have great views or depending on the money available you might have to go with a more modest establishment. No matter the price these places have signs, which direct you to not do something or be sure to do something else. My favorite from this weekend was the sign at the pool which asked if you have had diarrhea or a stomach bug over the last few weeks to not swim in the pool. I found this oddly direct and very specific to the nature of the request. Thou I had not had any of these ailments over the time period mentioned it did have one effect on me, I really didn’t have any desire to swim in the pool. Which is probably what they hoped for when they posted the sign in the first place.

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