Smart Phone Addiction

Hi my name is Bob, and I am addicted to my smart phone. You say “Hi Bob”. They say the first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem! I will be in a meeting and I feel the phone vibrate. It is telling me I have an email, or a text. I know it is rude to check it while I am supposed to be paying attention to the person speaking but I can’t help it. What if it is important? What if it is the president asking my advice? Just a peek won’t hurt, will it? Maybe I can do the under the table while fake yawning. I can’t sit there for an hour meeting not knowing who needs me! I know it is probably that guy from Ethiopia asking me to hold his money, but what if it isn’t? Even a coupon from my local coffee shop will get me through listening in this meeting. Maybe a funny cat video or a like of my status will make me complete! I know it is sick, but it isn’t like I am doing drugs or anything. I am trying to be better. Just yesterday I left my phone at my desk for a whole hour. Well not willingly. I really hate when I forget it!

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