The smoke break replacement!

glyphicon_no-smokingSince I work in a cubical farm I get the pleasure of hearing the conversations of many of my co-workers. The white noise pumped in can only cover so much of the talking so often you are the fly on the wall so to speak. Unlike the dreams we may have of hearing something juicy from others who don’t know you can hear most of what I get is rather dull. Today is the great discussion of which fast food burgers are good for the money. Is Wendy’s too expensive, is Five Guys worth the few more dollars? These deep philosophical treasures more than not are just what has replaced the smoke break. In the old days these same people would have fired up a cigarette and spent ten minutes cancering up. They now can talk over the finer points of killing themselves with greasy food and then return to work not wreaking of smoke. I think I like the new smoke break better and the odds are their body likes it better too.

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