Sochi more like Jersey Shore!

kid-skiingIf you have watched any of the Olympic coverage so far you may have seen some of the horrible interviews with the athletes. The coverage usually begins with a story about their mom, dad, brother or family member which is their inspiration then they show the completion and if they win a medal the interviewer asks about the person the setup story told you about. The interview last night with downhill skier Body Miller was just about as horrible an interview as I have seen. Clearly he was already in a somber mood through the event you could see it, then repeatedly the interviewer poked at Body about his brother, who had passed this last year. He had tears in his eyes from the first question but over and over she asked him for more until the guy put his head in his hands to escape her questioning. These Olympics more than any others have been all about the back stories. Maybe it is because there haven’t been as many spectacular moments. I know the snow has been terrible and the warm weather has made things harder for the athletes, but NBC has to figure out how to do a better job of covering the events as sports and less like an episode of Jersey shore!

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