Social media Faux pas!

A while back I got in trouble with my mom. I got a kidney stone and while I was in the emergency room I posted my situation on Facebook. My sister who is on Facebook called my mom and asked her how I was doing. The problem was I had not told my mom so she called me upset I had not let her know about it. Social networking has created a whole new category of awkward moments that seem to keep happening. From people accidentally posting private messages on their walls to liking pages that make you cringe. I thought I would put out a short list of helpful reminders.

1. Make sure you tell the person you are breaking up before changing your status. This would be equal to texting your breakup, and putting that it “is complicated” means it is over for you! Nobody wants you to post that about your relationship.

2. Look at your photos before you post them. Look at the people and what is going on in the background. You don’t want to go viral for the wrong reasons!

3. Nobody wants to read your personal Communist Manifesto! Nobody but the FBI and NSA read those things. The only reason they do is to see if you are unstable. Writing ten pages of complaints about the world is gonna get you on a list. Which in turn will get you kicked off a plane. If you want a plain white van parked in front of your house go buy one. Those guys aren’t going to find the picture of your dog digging in your bags of fertilizer very funny!

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