Social Media overload!

Someone could probably pinpoint the start of the social media craze. I am not on the cutting edge of all this stuff but I am using it with more and more frequency. What I can’t figure out is all the different sites and options I now see when I go to share a link or site. I have no interest in Pinterest or all the others. I use Facebook and twitter and I have no plans to use any others. Yet, if I wanted to I could publish this blog post to about two dozen  other social media sites. I don’t know what these others do? I get they all have a few different features which appeal to people but how could I keep up? I have a job which does not pay me to be on the internet telling everyone I am on the internet! I have deliverables to my boss, and deadlines which I will miss if I spend any more time on these sites. I know there has to be a limited number of people who can post to all these sites yet they keep popping up in hopes of becoming the next Facebook or whatever. Well, I guess Facebook will have its time and then something else will come along, but for now, I am gonna stick with liking you!

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