When I was young there were only two kinds of socks. Dress socks, that dad’s and grandparents wore and tube socks. Tube socks always came up to your knees and could possibly have a stripe or two of color at the top, but they were always white. All socks were the same length as if there was an organization that monitored this and reported back to the government as to the compliance with sock regulations. I don’t know when the de-regulation of socks happened but today when I look at the two isles of socks at Walmart I can see it has become a free for all! Socks of various lengths from below the ankle to above the hip, socks that have pockets for each toe and each toe is a different color!  Materials from gold toe to man-made non-flammable, touch screen compatible, non-slippable seasonally appropriate Christmas socks, complete with LED lights. I was unaware that my leg covering choices could light up brighter than my house during this season but apparently, it is possible. All of these choices work to confuse the morning ritual of what to wear and make my shopping experience take longer. All I wanted was a pair of socks to wear with my running shoes, which by the way, create another set of baffling choices.

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