Some Assembly Required!

This weekend I attempted to build a shed which I bought as a kit from my local home improvement store. They come as a pallet of wood which you have to figure out like a puzzle. They don’t mark the pieces they only tell you the size of the next piece you need and then you have to put it in the right place. When you look at the kit at the store they show it all painted up, with a floor and even on a wood frame all of which are not included in the kit. So I bought all the extras and set about building what is more complicated than I expected. Take a 2x3x43.75 and nail it to a piece 72.675. I didn’t layout the pieces by size, so I dig through the pile and find those two. The pile has to be sixty or so pieces. Finding the right one is hard because there are other ones that are within an inch of that size as well. So then I nail the next two other pieces together and realize that the first two are wrong. This is when my Dad’s words come to my head. It takes a big man to admit he made a mistake, and a bigger man to fix it. In between the rain drops a few nails were nailed and some pulled and re-nailed. I hope this kit came with extra nails because when I am done there will be some holes that will need caulking!

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