Some Things Aren’t Easy.

I love listening to music. Not just rock but many different types, country some pop and even classical in small doses. Sometimes I try to listen to the lyrics to actually find out what they are saying. There was a song in the eighties about a kid named luka that apparently lived on the second floor. The tune was rather whimsical but when you listed to the lyrics it was about abuse. That kind of threw that song off for me. I was listening to the new Sheryl Crow song called easy on my way to work today. One line in the song says “We’ll put on bug spray and we’ll lose our clothes, Put out the lawn chairs and turn on the hose”. What? I know that song lyrics don’t have to make perfect sense but what is going on here? First, if you are going to take off your clothes shouldn’t you wait to put on the bug spray? I mean you probably want better coverage of those newly exposed parts? Second, I hope she is talking about the backyard because the last thing I want to see is the neighbors sitting naked in lawn chairs with the sprinklers going. And I hope they put a towel down because nobody will want to sit in those chairs at the next block party! I like Sheryl Crow, but I am going to have a hard time listening to that song from now on!

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