Spam and other fine dining!

When I was growing up on really hot days my mom would do a dinner of salads. We would have tuna salad, potato salad and a version of ham salad using spam. We would sit around with crackers or bread making various creations. This was a real treat in my mind and I look back at it in fondness as a family bonding moment. So when I hear people slamming Spam it isn’t so much a culinary issue for me. I couldn’t tell you the last time I even tasted Spam or if I like it or not. Don’t we all have something like that? A smell or taste or product that makes us smile inside? These are memories that can not be manufactured. If they could McDonald’s or Kraft foods would have bottled it already. They take us back to a moment lodged somewhere in the back of our gray matter and can only be accessed by the trigger of the same food or situation. My other example is Chef Boyardee, my brother and I went camping and we eat two cans over a camp fire. Again, haven’t eaten it in years but I still think of it as fine dining!

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