Do the right thing or the squirrel gets it!

Squirrel eats a nutI am in a mood today! I am about ready to get in my jeep and go run over prairie dogs and squirrels. I have had just about enough of trying to keep dumb people from doing dumb stuff. I tell them, you don’t want to do that or you really need to do that right now. And what do they do? The exact opposite! What happens when they don’t take that advice? I have to do a bunch of work to fix it. Look, I am a nice guy, this is probably why working for myself doesn’t always work. I do things for people without charging them I go above and beyond the call of duty and what does it get me? More free work! I need to get tougher about not working for free, it will be less frustrating and more squirrels will make it across the road as I drive by. I am no genius, I don’t follow good advice on a regular basis, but when I do it I have to pay someone to fix it. I know I am just ranting today but I guess blogging about it is better than running over small furry animals! So to those who shall remain nameless today, do the right thing or the squirrel gets it!

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