Starbucks isn’t about coffee!

i just realized, as I sit in a Starbucks for the second time this week emailing someone about meeting tomorrow at another Starbucks. It isn’t about the coffee and they know it! Yes, they sell coffee and I do like it. But I don’t come in here and order the twenty-seven dollar wimpo-chino or a weasel pooped chi-latte. I order a large (Venti for you who really care) coffee and find a table with an electrical plug so I can get some work done. They have made it a perfect place for me to write and email people and based on the number of others typing away on their laptops I would say they agree. I ave about an hour before I have to be somewhere and this is a perfect in between stopping place. I saw an article about some Starbucks removing outlets because they had squatters. You know them, they come in, order a small coffee and eight hours later move to Panera Bread for the evening shift. These people are going to ruin it for the rest of us! I can see spending a few hours but  then move on. I think Starbucks should put a timer on the side of their cups and after three hours it dings and you have to leave. That would also free up the prime tables so I don’t have to always sit facing the sun in the corner.

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