Stinking Time Change!

clockRight now I am angry with Benjamin Franklin. He is supposedly the first person to suggest we do day light savings time. Today my body is rejecting the notion of the clock being different, and coffee is not giving me the results I need right now. Never have I felt so ready to move to Arizona! This idea that somehow we are more productive by moving the time around has out lived it usefulness. We no longer are a farming nation and I don’t think farmers work any differently when the clock changes anyway, I mean how is getting up with the sun any different if it is 6 am or 7? The formal protest to which my body has declared on me hopefully will only be today or perhaps tomorrow as well, but if I am to get anything done today I think a morning nap is a must! I hope no one is looking for my best today, they will be sadly greeted with less than ten percent!

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