Stupid is as stupid does!

Some people really show you how smart they are by their actions. Like the person who called 911 because the McDonald’s put cheese on her hamburger. Another genius called because someone robbed him of his stash of marijuana. Locally we had a 20 watt bulb shoot someone in the snow and run a short way off, so the police could track his steps in the snow and find him. I know that not everyone in life gets to be a 100 watt bulb or even a 65 but it would seem that if you are not gifted in the brains department, crime should not be you occupation. They eventually catch even the smart ones so what makes you think you are going to be able to avoid capture? I have never been smart enough to figure out how to get away with changing a grade on my report card let alone something like robbing a bank. It also looks like a lot of work. I would be the guy who wrote the demand note on my deposit slip (some guy really did this) so the police could just show up at my house without working hard to find me. In the movies the bad guy plans some crazy scheme across town to distract the police while they steal a once in a lifetime shipment of gold or jewels from a bank or museum. Every time I watch one of these movies I think, if you put that much effort into a business or creating some new product you would be rich and not have to be on the lam. Both of them seem like a lot of work, one just seems smarter.

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