Stupid Meat Suit!

My cousin and I were conversing about what is all messed up about our bodies when he said something that really made me smile. He said “stupid meat suit!” That makes me smile for several reasons. One, it really is just a meat suit. it isn’t who we are! I work with kids at church who are stuck in¬†uncooperative bodies. It isn’t who they are, some I have known since they were little and are now adults and I have seen them become who God wants them to be and it isn’t the body that makes them shine. Too bad many of us see ourselves that way. Just we see in the mirror, after high school I spent a few years heading in the wrong direction and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and it had nothing to do with my looks. Ok maybe a little. Second, what hurts today will probably fall off tomorrow! I’m glad that when I am finished with this earth, I will get to leave it behind. None of this will matter anymore, the only things that will remain will be the promises we have been given in Gods word. See Revelations 21! That is why it makes me smile!

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