Stupid is as stupid does!

denver-buildingsHow is it that people in charge of large corporations can make such horrible business decision? I know that hind sight is 20/20 but these are people with post-graduate degrees in business. Many times they have run or held potions at other companies successfully. Yet somehow they make a choice that either totally destroys the company or sets them back decades. Some of these companies collapse some stagger on or get bought by someone else. I think of Apple bringing in the guy from Pepsi to run the company or JC Penny bringing in the guy from Apple. I think of even large non-profits who brought in new leaders who are making horrible decisions which will have lasting consequences. We see it from the outside; I just wonder what they see on the inside. What are the people around them saying?  I don’t think the choices they make are bad on purpose; they take the best information they have and are trying to do the right thing. I just wonder what they are using as a filter to figure out what is good information and what is bad. Maybe it is some internal compass or maybe they are just flying by the seat of their pants. Some of it seems like they using a magic eight ball to decide what to do. Whether those companies survive might have to do with how quickly they figure out the error in judgment, I really don’t know but my eight ball is telling me to check back later.

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