Stupid is as stupid does!

liteicon_musicsports_3You would think that athletes who get to the highest level of their respective sports would have to be smart on some level. I know it takes a lot of talent but, all the memory skills and logistics of being a professional, would seem to require at least a higher than a tadpole level of smarts. That is until I read the sports section of the paper and see multimillion-dollar idiots. Drug abuse, domestic violence among other violation comes up time and time again. These franchises are paying these players millions of dollars and all they can do is screw up. I am sure the contracts they sign say if they do one of these stupid things they don’t get paid, yet even the loss of that much money doesn’t stop them from blowing it. I wish that the sports they are in, or maybe the colleges they come from would at some point make them take a class on how to handle a life of sports and money. Then again, someone would probably falsify their attendance just to get what they want in the short-term continuing to jeopardize the sports and the individual’s future!

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