As a kid there was nothing better than summer! No school, running around the neighborhood with your friends. Turning on sprinklers when it got hot, and not wanting to go in until the sun was down. It was awesome! Now I am an adult and all summer means is the days are longer, hotter and my kids are bored! I want to run trough the sprinklers again. I don’t want to have to figure out how to lock my kids out of the house while I am at work. I want to get on my Big Wheel(Remember those?) ride to the end of my street and spin out! I don’t want to figure out how I am going to keep from sweating to death in a car without air-conditioning. I want to let off firecrackers in the street and catch bugs in a jar. ride to the A&W or 7/11 on my bicycle and pay for an Icy with a quarter. How about visiting relatives and going to get an Ice cream for a nickel at Thrifty Drugs! I want to wear my bathing suit for three months straight and only take it off when I had to go to church. Yes, I want my summer back or if I can’t get it back can I transfer it to my kids!

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