Super Bowl ads

I realized a few years ago that the Super Bowl has become more about the ads than about the game. Most of the games have been blowouts so all the talk is about the cute or inappropriate commercials on and which were the winners and losers. This year everyone seemed to like the Budweiser horse one. The guy raises the horse and it breaks free to go see him after a parade. Sorry but that one was just too sappy for me. Because we own goats I think the Doritos one made me laugh, the rest were forgettable. The best in my mind was the tribute to the farmer with Paul Harvey. The speech they used is an old one but with all the women kissing nerds and various other super models in few if any clothes, it was refreshing! Yes it was for a truck, but they showed very little of the product. Instead they chose to show hardy people who break their backs everyday and then say they build a truck for these good people. I think all the other commercials used ideas that have been done so many times none of it is appealing or shocking anymore. What was shocking to me was a good old fashion praising of the American people, and I would like to see more of it!

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