The Super Bowl of Advertising!

footballThis week is the Holy Grail for advertising, the Super Bowl! While millions will be spent on slick production and product placement, I can’t help but compare that with what I hear and see on local outlets to the millions that spent on national TV. There is a commercial playing now for an eye surgery clinic which tries to tell you that you will find true love, get in shape and run faster if you have your eye’s sliced up by their laser. I am sure we all believe it takes perfect vision for us to find love! Not commitment, not integrity, but lasers to the eyes. It is downright stupid to believe that eye surgery would change your prospects, unless shallow self-absorption is the goal. I especially like the small talk at the end of the commercial that has to explain that the surgery will actually give you none of those things. Like the car commercial that has to state that you can’t jump your car on to a moving train, we have to make sure the lawyers have kept us from any possible litigation. As ridiculous as this commercial is, why should spending millions more to tell us our life would be complete if we just drink a specific soda or beer be any less ridiculous? Better actors, better scripts, funnier cartoon characters and cute animals will be pranced in front of us all in the name of telling us we are unhappy unless we get our hands on said product. So as I watch the Super Bowl and enjoy the game and the commercials, I will keep it in perspective, which team wins and what commercials I like will not affect who I am and if I am happy!

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