Super Distracted!

minimalicon_iphoneI have a very important presentation due tomorrow. It isn’t like I haven’t started on it, I have worked on it for over six months. The problem is while I should be concentrating on getting it done I am finding amazing ways to be distracted. Like rearranging the files on my drive or fixing the display resolution. I even find time to look on Facebook and accept some friend requests. All this is doing is prolonging the inevitable, last-minute cramming. What I did notice is how creative I am about things that are not the most urgent, other projects have come to my mind and I have noted great things I need to do on those, just not today! I have also found I need to stop installing multiple note taking software and just use the one I got. Each of these has one cool feature that I want but downloading all of them and putting one note in it, which is to never be found again is also very distracting. I have started cleaning my desk and washed my coffee cup, caught up on my Bible reading and sent off emails that needed sending. The thing I haven’t done is finish the presentation. The problem may be that the more I look at it the less satisfied I am with it or that really it will never be done. Tomorrow it will be presented, at whatever state of completion it is in no matter how much effort I give it. So perhaps my search for the perfect sports activity wristband on Amazon can continue with a little less guilt.

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