Take that, you stupid Wii fit!

Ever since we bought our Wii it has mocked me. Every time I stepped on that stupid Wii fit it would make my Mii (the on-screen caricature of myself) spin around and grow fat and if that wasn’t enough it would then say, “ooh that’s obese!” I hated that! Of course that also came with a “yes you are a loser” sound effect in the background. No, I don’t want to explain to the Wii why I’m fat! I will not answer A,B,or C I know why I am fat I don’t need the multiple choice mockery, thank you very much!

Well that ended today! For the first time the Wii said I was “Normal”. Obviously the Wii doesn’t know me very well but I’ll take it. After a year of running and eating right I finally got that stupid box to say I was normal. My Mii did a little dance, I however, pointed at the TV and said “take that, you stupid box!” Ok, maybe I did a little dance too! My plan is to never step on it again. I don’t want to ruin the moment. I won that’s all the Wii needs to know.

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