What will it take?

Except for maybe dentistry, there are few things I find more painful than trying to buy a car. These days with the internet and all the info I can get before I even walk into the dealership, you would think things would have changed. We walked in with a printout of a car they supposedly had on the lot, they didn’t. Even thou we printed it out right before we got there. They did have one awfully similar with twice the miles for the same price. When we showed the salesman the paper he took it inside the building only to return without it. His response, it must be at our other store, and I remember that car has a big scratch on the passenger side. Really? Then as if they had practiced this play a thousand times he showed us a more expensive one. Then my favorite part, his manager comes over and asks me the question I have been asked since I bought my first car thirty years ago. They may not use the exact words every time but it is all the same. “What would it take to get you into this car today?” My answer is always the same, said with all the sarcasm I can muster,” A Miracle!” On one occasion with a really persistent fellow I told him the car would have to be half the asking price, which made him as flustered as a male peacock trying to woo a mate. I go into these places as if I am walking into a boxing ring, so I at least have to get in one shot before I go down!

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