Tech End Game!

Usb And Dvd Memory Shows Portable StorageI keep looking at things being announced this week at the CES show in Las Vegas. Being a tech geek I love to see all the new things, my problem is I can’t afford any of them. It wasn’t that long ago I finally got rid of my old Sony tube TV for HD. Now they have they have 4K. I just packed up all the VHS and put it in the attic and now the Blue ray player is out of date! How many formats do I must have to be able to watch my old movies? The 4K looks impressive but until it comes down to Walmart pricing I will be watching my movies old school, and by old school I mean on my Roku or Apple TV or Direct TV, Blue Ray or DVD. At what point will there be no higher resolution or brighter pixels or newer format so I can finally buy one device and not have to replace it a year later? I guess the answer is, when there are no more companies trying to make money!

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