Technology for Christmas

While technology might be the gift everyone wants I think it is the hardest gift to get right. These days it usually isn’t hard to get tech that works. I don’t care if it is Windows-based, Android or iOS, it all works. You can get to the internet, check your email and do just about all you need to on any of these devices. It is no longer an issue of capability but of preference. Everyone has a preference so picking which one is right isn’t about what it once was. They all use similar hardware, and keep leapfrogging each other on speed so the one you pick today will be out-done by another tomorrow. It comes down to the system which you have the most invested in. Building up accessories is expensive and create a kind of eco-system around your device. The decision to change it means spending many times more than the device itself to support that choice. So when someone gives you a gift of technology it either has to fit that eco-system or require a wholesale change of it. Unless the gifter is aware of that, they better just give a gift card.

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