The new technology rules!

betamaxThis may come as a shock to some but in the tech world, the best technology doesn’t always win! Anybody remember Betamax? Sony came out with a format for video tapes that had a higher quality picture but because Sony wouldn’t license other companies to make Beta players VHS became the standard. Some companies learned that lesson so they get others involved and license what they create for others to use. USB and DVI are standards that are now used by just about everyone and some company is making a nickel every time you buy a device with those on them. Others continue to try to close off everyone else from their technology to their own detriment. Microsoft today released a copy of office for iPad, this is a big step forward for them and while I applaud them for bring the app suite to Apple’s iOS world they still are trying to keep one foot in the “Us only” Microsoft land. You can only use the suite if you have a Microsoft 365 paid account and you can only store the files on Skydrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. I get that you have for a long time had the standard software which everyone uses, but in the new world of options to limit to only your ecosystem does fit with where the rest of the industry is going. Ok, make it easier to use if they do use your stuff, include your stuff under the cost of purchasing the software, but give everyone the option of doing their own thing. The facts are we can’t always control where the documents we need are located,  our company may have restrictions and contracts with other companies to host a corporate solution. If you want everyone to use your software, the new tech rules say you have to let the user decide what world they want to play in even if you are Microsoft!

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